Announcing our $9.4M DeFi Series B




One of the great joys of building a company is hearing from your clients. Over the past 10 years, we’ve loved hearing your stories, your suggestions, your questions, and every moment of learning and delight. Our clients are the heartbeat of EXM Capital, and we are deeply grateful to have you on board. 




Today , we’re thrilled to announce that we closed $9.4M in fundraising for our DeFi Series B project, led by our Chairman Peter Buhler , with participation from both existing and new investors . We’ve also heard from many EXM clients who are eager to invest in Our DeFi fund, and we are actively making this possible.

This is a momentous and humbling moment for us as a team: a vote of confidence in our vision and a clear signal of the task ahead of us.





Our DeFi Series B underlying execution platforms is currently being structured, and When we are done, the relationship between individuals and their capital will fundamentally shift. Investing shouldn’t be a stressful act (as many assume it is), a shiny arcade game (as some DIY-investing apps frame it), or an inaccessible task taken on only by the wealthiest (as some hedge funds make it seem). Investing will be seen as the vital, universal act of stewardship that it is. 





At its core, investing is a way of shaping the world of the future. Think about it. When your capital is intelligently invested, to well-run DeFi assets with intrinsic value,  promise and purpose, you are effectively building a world in which their missions thrive. Whether you allocate your hard-earned savings to massive technologies, offshore markets, crypto protocols, or other rising opportunities of tomorrow, your capital speaks. Investing is everyone's collective duty to nurture the world's success, and to reap its fruit. But it's a complex craft, requiring significant expertise. We are running as hard as we can so that EXM Capital can guide as many people’s wealth as possible.



We're honored to be managing your capital. This is a sacred trust that we don’t take lightly. If you know anyone who might benefit from becoming a EXM client, send them our way. 




Thank you for investing with EXM Capital , and for joining us on this journey. Money needs a new guardian. We know you’re counting on us to fill the void. Stay tuned for a lot more to come.


Peter Buhler , Chairman EXM Capital