Peter Buhler , EXM Capital  Chairman, said: “We are increasingly focused on investing in fast-growing sectors, such as technology, life sciences and the digital economy. Israel is one of the most promising markets in the world in these areas.”




Ernest Shervani, Global Head of EXM Capital , said: “We are big believers in Israel, which is one of the most dynamic and innovative markets in the world. He concluded saying “we are excited to bring the full power of the EXM Capital platform and our resources to the country’s entrepreneurs.”

The breadth of what EXM Capital can deliver to entrepreneurs in terms of operating expertise is truly world-class.




Through EXM Capital, investors gain exposure to various sectors of the global financial market and access to its more than 30 operating professionals and advisors, a dedicated team responsible for identifying opportunities for its businesses to sell to its global portfolio with more than $150 million in AUM, its team of dozens of data scientists, and insights gleaned from offices throughout the world.





About EXM Capital 



EXM Capital is a securities and money settlement , liquidity provider, Asset Management and prime brokerage offering services for financial Clientele on a global scale, we offer class services in anticipation of the needs of financial institutions using technologies , grade custody solutions , execution platform and algorithms that has a proven track record of processing millions of dollars in monthly volume.






The vision of the company is to be a first-rate trustee leader in delivering innovative financial services in anticipation of the needs of institutional and individual clients. For us at EXM Capital building a relationship of trust between our company and our clients success and satisfaction is ultimately the best advertising there is, transparency and fair trading are our key commitments to our clients , these principles govern all our investment decisions and are at the very heart of our organization.